The Cost of Owning a 4WD

I love my truck. But the cost of upkeep really makes it hard sometimes.


Beach Driving South of Perth

Something Chantelle and I really enjoyed was driving on Stockton Dunes, which is a few hours drive north of Sydney. We were looking forward to introducing the kids to it, knowing it was close by now we were in WA.

The Evolution of My 4wd Owning Life

I currently own a GU Nissan Patrol. It’s one of the last 4.2l diesels bought into Australia. Before that, I've owned a Navara, a Surf and a Lada Niva!


4wding @ Hoffman’s Mill , WA

The trip was more of an explore than a traditional 4wd trip. Only a couple of times did I need to go into low range and that was to go around fallen trees that were blocking the track. There were plenty of those, most still the remnants of a bushfire from a couple of years ago.