The Drive Across Australia

At the start of 2016 I was given the awesome opportunity to drive across Australia.

Admittedly, it was for work (sigh) but I had 9 days to cover the 4100km, so I jumped at the opportunity. So I threw in my drone, some clothes and some coffee and headed off.

The route via Bendigo to visit family and friends.


Now, I love driving. I could drive every day if given the chance and I absolutely had a blast. I met some great people and saw some amazing sights. Spending that time in the Patrol was a joy.

I’ve been to a number of different countries over the last 20 years and had a ball in nearly all of them, but exploring Australia, for me, is much more rewarding.


I started on the North Side of Sydney and headed to Bendigo for a night with a great mate of mine and a night with my grandfather. Then off to the Barossa. The difference in landscape between Victoria and South Australia was incredible. Sure Western Victoria was in drought, but within 20mins of crossing into South Aus, the landscape changed from paddocks and crop land to sand and salt bushes. Then you hit the Barossa and it’s back to lush green fields and vines.


From that point, there’s not much in the way of decisions to be made.

So off to Ceduna. It just so happens that I was able to catch up with another friend who was doing the trek back to the east. So after a good feed at the Pub and a few quiet beverages we camped it out at the Ceduna Caravan Park.

The next morning  we parted ways and I was off to the Nullarbor.


The iconic 90 Mile Straight across the Nullarbor.

Some people tell me they couldn’t think of anything more boring than driving all that distance, but to me, it’s a matter of perspective.

That’s the thing with travelling. Most people spend their time buzzing from point A to point B, but often dismiss the journey as an inconvenient necessity, barely taking the time to look out the window.

There are so many great Australian icons to see on the way. The Great Australian Bight with it’s giant cliffs and incredible blue waters that are less than 50m from parts of the highway. The Big Galah at the half way point in Kimba. The Nullarbor Links which is the worlds longest golf course. With the colours, landscapes and wildlife you will see and the people you can meet along the way, it’s easy to see why this is on so many people’s bucket lists.


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