The Evolution of My 4wd Owning Life

I currently own a GU Nissan Patrol. It’s one of the last 4.2l diesels bought into Australia.

I love it!

This is my 4th 4wd… technically. Since I didn’t really 4wd in the first two.

The first was a Lada Niva, I didn’t know anything about 4wds then. It was small, slow, sort of cool (almost) and a bit quirky.

After a change to bikes and Commodores, Chantelle and I bought a Toyota Surf.

The Surf was a great car… while it lasted. We drove from Sydney to Tasmania for 2 weeks and then back to Canberra where it pretty much stopped. After spending close to the initial purchase price on trying to get it back on the road, we let it go.

Next was a brand spanking new Nissan Navara D22. This was a great 4wd. This car never let us down.

The idea behind going new was a knee jerk reaction to having our last truck die in it’s own green puddle of coolant. It was a great learning experience for us both as we took on the fun that is learning to drive offroad and modifying your pride and joy.

We could get this everywhere we pointed it. It was solid, reliable and very capable.

But like all good things, if you love it, you must let it free. Plus we had other reasons like kids and engineering of child safety points.

So after a couple of years the bug hit again. This time we didn’t wan’t to go through the same costly process of finding and fitting accessories, so we searched until we found an already complete setup. Enter my 2006 GU Patrol.

Easter (2 of 4)
After a visit to Parkes radio station, NSW.
Crossing the Causeway at Wheeny Creek, NSW

I’m not going to lie. I love this thing and have absolutely NO plans on setting it free. Ever.

I’ll do a breakdown on what it has and what my plans for it are shortly, but from this point, it doesn’t need much.

The big risk is that you’re buying someone else’s problems. All your new add-ons need to be tested and checked before you can trust it off road. Tests that can be hard to do when checking the car out. But if you luck upon a well looked after example…

Good times ahead!


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